Metatrader Expert Advisor: Steinitz HAS MTF EA v1.1 – I have placed $1000 into a new expert advisor that I am running on my Virtual Private Server (VPS). Today (June 25) was the first day of running this EA. I will continue to post results every day. This EA is a commercial EA for sale over in the Forex-TSD Forums. The link is: - No I don’t get a commission for pointing you there. The EA caught my eye while researching a few other projects. I will add a new EA page to this blog. I hope this EA can diversify my existing Forex holdings. With this EA I will hold 12 pairs and they are held for longer time periods. The EA is a multi-time period EA so it looks at several trends before entering into a trade. I won’t be able to explain it all here. Check the forum, they are at like 120 pages now…I’ll post my settings later.


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