I graduated college as a double major with a BS in both Finance and Economics. I worked for Merrill Lynch, Citicorp/Citibank and a few other local banks as a broker. I finally got out of sales and migrated to a financial analyst for a few years until I finally found my way to the promised land of Information Technology. I went to graduate school work for a large company followed by a start-up then some government work after the .com bust and am currently at another start-up. Bottom line, I have no time to focus on trading or making it a living.

Ok a few years back (2003-2004) I tested a bunch of signal providers to – bottom line – no avail. Now, I know some people will say you didn’t follow them long enough or you weren’t capitalized properly. Point taken, but again for me they all didn’t work. Whether they sent bad signals or had bad timing at 3:30 in the morning they just didn’t work out.

In 2005 I tried the 5 minute forex system from Beau Diamond – but that was another system that just didn’t work. Since that time many folks have had complaints about the system and he his no longer around to post the pivot point or trigger value – whatever the term was…

After that, I played around with my own system for a few months with Oanda. No matter how simple or complex I made the systems they all started out working but in the end just failed to work.

I will try and continue to update this blog and let you know how my new attempt at forex is coming along.


Forex Signal Provider Journal – I have lost money in the past trusting forex providers but this time I’m testing out FX-AUTO (FXDD Auto) – an automated trading platform; and FX Guru (FXGURU) – a real forex money manager to see how these guys perform with real money. Both accounts are tracked everyday and results are posted.

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