My new NASCAR Online Sim

Guys – I wanted to spread the word that I’m 3-4 months into the development of what I hope will be the best free online multiplayer NASCAR racing sim game on the web – http://www.nasrac.comnascar gamenascar games

Of course there are no graphics cards or driving required…no expensive steering wheels. Just you and your web browser, practice and tweak setups for the race, qualify for that race and then choose your pit strategy, aggressiveness on tires and fuel and several other options that will probably get added as I complete development.

It is strictly management. The idea is 7 laps of practice to fine tune 11 components on the race car between 0-99. Each lap the system tells you more or less for each component as you try to zero in on the setup. Once practice is done you make your run for pole in Qualifying. After that you can make your final tweaks to race strategy, pit strategy etc. Then nightly I will run a batch process that runs the race simulation lap by lap based on all the drivers settings. Then the driver/user can either look at how they did lap by lap or go check out the final results of the race, where they are assigned the points and bonus points. You will also see how you stand in the chase for the cup, the overall standings with gains and losses like the standard NASCAR standings.

The great thing about my game is most games in this genre only allow you to race or prepare for one race at a time but with mine I’m allowing the flexibility for the driver to prepare for up to 6 races in the future, so you don’t have the burden of coming back everyday. I think the normally player would setup for maybe a couple races and come back the next day and see how they did. Practice, Qualifying and Race Strategy only takes about 5 minutes per race, so it’s a nice amount time to see real results. I’ve played lots on online driving games and they are great and Nasrac will not replace them. However, I will provide a way to have some fun and complete a whole 36 race season in 6 weeks.

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