Jimmy Tide 08 – Jim (Jimmy) Norton presidential candidate for 2008 (O&A Rule)

Okay – how boring were these search results…Now do me a favor post a reply.

Vote Jimmy Tide 08 – Jim (Jimmy) Norton presidential candidate for 2008. Do YOUR research before you vote…

Republican candidate for President in 2008. Opie and Anthony and little Jimmy strongly feel you should learn as much as you can about this new – fresh – clean candidate for 08.

Some folks are spelling this Jimmy Tied – but the correct spelling is Jimmy Tide.

83 thoughts on “Jimmy Tide 08 – Jim (Jimmy) Norton presidential candidate for 2008 (O&A Rule)

  1. Jimmy Tide in 2008…our next president!

    I live his position on the positions…No pay for teachers! Pathway to citizenship for criminal illegals, so they can be executed publicly. A nuclear holocaust! Jimmy Tide will change the world forever!

    Jimmy Tide for President!

  2. jimmy tide for president in 08, he’s not a ******, uncle paul in charge of all day care’s

  3. i dont believe in anything that mr. Jim Norton believes in,but i agree with his presidential canidate, Jimmy Tide!!Jimmy Tide will make all your mistakes in the past disappear!!

  4. Jimmy Tide for President – 2008!
    Clean shirts, no starch. Fabric softener in every dryer. Linger longer!!!

  5. More wrezerdry in 2008!

    By the way: How can you not love “did you mean Jimmy DIED 2008″?

  6. Jimmy Tide has my vote!
    He’ll Clean up America, alot better than that Square Duncan something or other!

    Controversy was brewing in the Jimmy Tide Campaign as his secret relationship with his lead economic advisor Board Room Jimmy was revealed today.

  8. I appreciate his honesty and his support of special intrest groups such as the Wizzardreee coalition.

  9. A Jimmy Tide and Caddy Jimmy ticket in 08!!

    Jimmy Tide Today!
    Jimmy Tide Tomorrow!
    Jimmy Tide Forever!

    Jimmy Tide 08

  10. If Jimmy Tide doesn’t win the Presidency, it will be “murder Sam, it was murder.”

  11. Ron Paul is a stem cell reject. Jimmy Tide is the real deal. No only do my shirts come out leaner but they don’t need to be iron. Can Barrack or Hillary say the same thing?

    Jimmy Tide 2008, for a cleaner America.

    He’s Jimmy Tide and he approves this message.

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