FX Auto / FXDD Auto: Oct 3, 2007

FX Auto (FXDD Auto) from Tradency – As of Wednesday, October 3 – I have been away for a while. Since Sept 16 my last update I have had several trades. I can;t post them all right now, but thought you should see some progress. SIne my last update I took a big hit with Team Aphid – I like the product but did lose about $500 in a couple days. So I have killed them for now. I am hanging with conservative stuff – Dream Machine, doing okay and ForexFiesta C4, doing okay as well.

Balance: $1563.33 – basis is now $500 at risk so I’m still up over $1000
Equity: $1563.33
Trades: 309 – Sept 19 I will update these again soon…
Wins: 179 – Sept 19
Losses: 140 – Sept 19
Biggest Winners: $266 ATR Channel July 27 (.2 lots), $257 – June 8 ATR Channel, $180 July 2 Forex Fiesta C4
Biggest Losers: $228 ATR Channel Aug 1 (.2 lots), -114 ATR Channel Aug 1 (.2 lots), $87 – June 18 with Forex Fiesta C4
*starting balance on April 29 was $2500 *****NOTE I TRANSFERRED $1000 out on June 25 and another $1000 on Sept 18

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