FX Auto / FXDD Auto: Sept 11, 2007

FX Auto (FXDD Auto) from Tradency – As of Tuesday, September 11 we made a couple small wins. and had a win on Friday that I was too lazy to post. My interest level is faltering right now. I may back this up and do an update every couple of days. As of right ow, I’m still up overall on the forex and may want to lock ina profit and move on to other things. I spent a little more than $1200 on a new computer system that I will be building from scratch again. It’s a venture I undergo every year or two. My thinking right now is to maybe leave without being beaten up and play some nice games on my new high end system. I figure each $50 I spend will give me hours of entertainment and I’m not sure Forex is going to be as fun. Just my thoughts today…PS don’t forget about 9-11, it’s sad I went through the day without much thought. Take a minute to reflect…

Sept 7
+88 Forex Fiesta C4

Sept 10
No closed trades

Sept 11 (Today)

Closed Trades:
+15 Dream Machine EURUSD
+9 Dream Machine EURUSD
+8 Dream Machine EURUSD
+5 Dream Machine EURUSD
+13 Dream Machine EURUSD
+$44.30 Net

Open Trades:

Balance: $3276.37
Equity: $3276.37
Trades: 279
Wins: 169
Losses: 120
Biggest Winners: $266 ATR Channel July 27 (.2 lots), $257 – June 8 ATR Channel, $180 July 2 Forex Fiesta C4
Biggest Losers: $228 ATR Channel Aug 1 (.2 lots), -114 ATR Channel Aug 1 (.2 lots), $87 – June 18 with Forex Fiesta C4
*starting balance on April 29 was $2500 *****NOTE I TRANSFERRED $1000 OUT ON JUNE 25
**adjusted balance is $1500 after I removed the $1000 for the Steinitz Metatrader EA which then proceeded to lose $850 with a nice margin call…

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