FX Auto / FXDD Auto: Sept 6, 2007

FX Auto (FXDD Auto) from Tradency – As of Thursday, September 6 we made a couple small wins. I had to close them manually but

Closed Trades:
+19 Team Aphid
+32 Forex Fiesta C4
+$46.75 Net

Open Trades:

Balance: $3189.37
Equity: $3189.37
Trades: 273
Wins: 163
Losses: 120
Biggest Winners: $266 ATR Channel July 27 (.2 lots), $257 – June 8 ATR Channel, $180 July 2 Forex Fiesta C4
Biggest Losers: $228 ATR Channel Aug 1 (.2 lots), -114 ATR Channel Aug 1 (.2 lots), $87 – June 18 with Forex Fiesta C4
*starting balance on April 29 was $2500 *****NOTE I TRANSFERRED $1000 OUT ON JUNE 25
**adjusted balance is $1500 after I removed the $1000 for the Steinitz Metatrader EA which then proceeded to lose $850 with a nice margin call…

6 thoughts on “FX Auto / FXDD Auto: Sept 6, 2007

  1. Minelli, How have you noticed your results with Team Aphid vs. the results shown on FX Auto? Do you find the results exactly the same or far off from one another?

    Thanks, Stan

  2. The results are on par with them when I let the trades run. However, my theory has been after dropping a $1000 was if I logged in and saw a winning position, I would generally close the trade. I don’t do this all the time, but it’s been easy of Team Aphid. I have logged in a few times when trade 1 made a 50 pip profit and the other 3 trades were say up 35 — so I would close 2 of the positions at 35 and maybe let the one run that had the tightest stop (usually -5 pips).

    This has worked for me but I haven’t compared to see if I could have made more if I left it alone. In some respects I don’t want to know. I’m not second guessing myself now and would hate to do so.

    I just want to keep clawing back to that $4000 target.


  3. Well, I wish you the best of luck. I have been around the Forex market for a few years and also use to be part of FX Auto. I have to say in my opinion the best system on their site to date is Team Aphid. I love the amazingly low DD and fast yet careful approach to being number #1 at times on the site in such a short period of time..of course I know they used multiple lots to get there but still.

    Cheers, Stan

  4. Thanks Stan – gets a little scary when they get whipsawed :) Thankfully they came back strong the next day.

    Did you like any other ones? Obviously I like ATR channel but have that turned off right now – more of a trend follower and it’s getting hurt right now.


  5. Hey Minelli,

    Actually, from my view point only Team Aphid seems to be one that can make it through these changing markets with continous profitable pips being made month after month, assuming you can get in at the same prices. However, I feel the best approcah to building your money is to trade a system that makes 100-300 pips a month trading one to two currencies max and to trade it with a 5-10% risk on each trade against the accounts free margin. As the system makes makes more money the lot sizes will increase and in time it can really grow :) Team Aphid would NOT be recommended for this because they trade too many of the same lots at the same time. Check out this link for example http://www.pippintothetop.com/HQ/report.html it uses MM the way I am talking about. Also if you look to the left it shows how FIXED LOTS of 1 STD LOT compares to it. If you periodically check this site week to week, I feel you will see what I mean by MM being a key to a success with the use of a good basic (NOT SUPER) trading system supporting it.


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