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I'm 2 years old and think Firemen are Cool 

I turned two on October 1st and I'm feeling much more aware of what's going on around me. In fact, I'm pretty sure the world actually revolves around me. When I get up, so do mommy and daddy (well not always daddy). When I'm hungry, mommy and daddy make me something to eat (usually mommy, daddy just gives me snacks - he's cool). When I poop, someone cleans me up (usually right away, but there is always a lot of discussion). When it's time for bed, someone carries me up the stairs, changes me in to comfy pj's and brushes my teeth. Life is great, but it's too easy. The other kids at daycare tell me being two gives me the right to be stubborn and get everything I want. I think I'll try that out. Mom and Dad seem pretty laid back, I'll see how far I can push things. I'll check in again after Christmas. 



I know daddy hasn't updated the web site in almost a year. However, he's getting around to it. Try and be patient and he will get the whole site updated soon.

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